Our new minecraft server nice spawn, Towny and nether works, active admins, Anti grief. Its totaly perfect.
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 LWC Chest Protection

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LWC Chest Protection Empty
PostSubject: LWC Chest Protection   LWC Chest Protection EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 6:40 pm

Here are the COMMANDS for the LWC Chest Protection

/cpublic create public - Create a public chest ANYONE can access but not lock

/cpassword <password> create password <password> - Create a password-protected chest

/cprivate create private chest

/cinfo for info on you protected chests

/lwc modify -EvilGuy Hidendra -g:mods - In the last command, this one would remove Hidendra's chest admin access, remove EvilGuy's access to the chest fully and also remove the group mods from access. - denotes removing them

/lwc free chest -Remove a chest, only the chest owner and LWC Admins can do this

This Command Works With Doors and Other Stuff to like (furance) i think Very Happy
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LWC Chest Protection
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