Our new minecraft server nice spawn, Towny and nether works, active admins, Anti grief. Its totaly perfect.
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PostSubject: xWarp    Fri Jun 17, 2011 5:47 pm

its a plugin that alows you to make warps to differents places

------------------- ~Commands~ ------------------

•/warp [to] <name> [owner] - Warps to <name>
•/warp createp <name> - Creates a private warp <name>
•/warp create <name> - Creates a public warp <name>
•/warp createg <name> - Creates a global warp <name>
•/warp update <name> [owner] - Updates the position of warp <name>.
•/warp list [name] [#] - Prints the number of warps created by the given player.
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