Our new minecraft server nice spawn, Towny and nether works, active admins, Anti grief. Its totaly perfect.
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its a plugin that make you abel to upgrade in different things Very Happy


Party System
There are a few commands with the Party System

•/ptp - Party Teleport
•/party <nameofparty>
•/p - Toggle party Chat
•/invite - Invite a player to join your party
•/accept - Accept any pending party invites

Using ptp will teleport you to the designated party member. Using /party will allow you to see a party member list when given no additional arguments. If you specify a partyname you will join this party.

For example, type "/party bidoof" to join the party 'bidoof' anyone else in this party will receive no damage from you and you can speak to them exclusively using party chat.

Other Commands

•/whois - View detailed information about a player (requires op or the permission node)
•/mmoedit - (Requires Permissions) Allows users to modify mcMMO stats freely
•/mcmmo - Displays a description of the mod and how to play
•/mcc - Displays a list of mcMMO commands in game
•/stats - View detailed information on your mcMMO stats
•/a - Toggle admin chat (requires op or the permission node)
•/setmyspawn - Set your own personal spawn location stored in a file
•/myspawn - Return to your own personal spawn as if you had died (use this instead of suicide)
•/<skillname> - Displays information of the skill in game, useful for learning what something does without having to come back here and read about it.
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