Our new minecraft server nice spawn, Towny and nether works, active admins, Anti grief. Its totaly perfect.
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 Virtual Shop

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Virtual Shop Empty
PostSubject: Virtual Shop   Virtual Shop EmptyTue Jun 07, 2011 10:02 pm

Its a buy and sell plugin

Here is the commands:


/vs buy <amount> item - Attempt to buy x amount of item.
/vs sell <amount> <item> <price> - Put item up for sale.
/vs sell <amount> hand <price> - Put item you are holding up for sale.
/vs remove <item> - Remove item.
/vs price <item> - Find lowest price of item.
/vs list - List first 10 items for sale.
/vs list <page> - List 10 items on page x.
/vs list me - List your items for sale.
/vs list <player> - List player's items for sale.
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Virtual Shop
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